A Floridian Adventure

Florida Adventure

I was looking through some very old photos and came across some from Florida, including this one from Universal.

I really love universal, I love the sets! One can definitely spend an entire day imagining on set. This was taken in a hip Brooklyn neighbourhood, where we spent the night sitting on the stoop, singing oldies while A played on a busted guitar that he found in an empty lot a few blocks away. B and C loved dancing about the sidewalk while D sang with the voice of an angel. We stayed like this until old Mrs. E peeked out her window and told us to find our way home – in not so nice terms.

Universal also have some fun rides, my fave there was the Mummy ride which, for some reason, is just ridiculously funny. Let’s not forget that Universal is also the home of Hogsmead! The Harry Potter park was still under construction during this trip, but I did return a year later to experience the wonder.

Adventures in Asia: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The adventure continues! From the parking lot, to Honolulu, to Guam, to Manila, now onwards to Malaysia.

Day 1; The Arrival

Eve and I touched down at the Malaysian Airport, whizzed through the customs and found the bus that would take us into the Kuala Lumpur where we were to meet with my friend, Addy.

Addy was thoughtful and super helpful to us! She did some research and found us a lovely hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, just outside the city center. She also met us at the bus terminal and bought us a SIM card, some rolls to eat and a single pass card for their metro. We took the train to KLCC to get to our hotel.

We went to the city center to get some Malaysian food. One of the things I noticed was that people were still staring at us – even though there were a lot of ethnicities in KL. I guess we just had the foreign look.  We ate at Little Penang Kafe, the food was absolutely delicious (a theme for this leg of the trip) and they had coconut water in a real coconut! I was in love.

We walked around the mall and visited an internet cafe, then we went to see the Petronas Towers with their lights off in honour of Earth Hour. It was a fun first night. Continue reading

Adventures in Asia – But First, Guam

The first part of my vacation in Asia can be found here. This part (still not in Asia) is all about Guam. 

Oh Guam, with a population of almost 160K1, no wonder you didn’t want us to leave!

First Day in Guam

We arrived in Guam and heard Eve’s name over the loud speaker. Running from our gate to the Manila flight we found that there was only ONE spot left, what did we want to do? Since we didn’t want to separate, we decided to spend the day in Guam and try our luck the next evening. We rented a car and hotel package at the airport, and asked the nice woman at the counter for directions.

Me: How do we get to the hotel?
Her: When you see the Home Depot, make a left.
Me: And how will we know it’s the right road?
Her: There’s only one Home Depot, you can’t miss it.

Yes, not only does Guam have 1/12 the population of Queens, New York, it also has only one Home Depot, one Kmart and one mall with one movie theater2 and they use these landmarks to give you directions.

Flights to Manila ran late night to early morning, so the next morning Eve and I decided to take an auto-tour in our rental around Guam to see the island before trying the airport. We got a map and hit the road in our rental. There aren’t many roads in Guam, but we took a road that lead us around the southern half. It took about three hours, including stopping at some lookout points and beach areas. We manage to find a yummy Jamaican Grill called Yo Mon nearby and spent some time surfing the internet at an Internet Cafe in the Micronesia Mall.

We got to the airport and waited for the flights, again, we didn’t make it on so we came up with a plan, try one more night as stand-by, but buy confirmed tickets for the following night. We rented a car and another room, Guam had us in its clutches for one more day. Continue reading

A Trip to The District

We boarded the Amtrak in New York’s Penn Station early on Friday morning. Four hours later we were pulling into Union Station, Washington D. C.

I’ve been to D.C. once before, and it was quite a whirlwind adventure, but this time I had a plan. And a map.

Before the trip, a few of us listed the things that looked interesting, our choices were placed on the map, with colour-coded pushpins and icons where agreed upon activities and restaurants could be found. Yeah, I’m a bit over-organized at times.

After checking in to the hotel, we had lunch at The Founding Farmers, a really great restaurant with really great food. Then we walked to the pier, a 2.5 mile trek from the hotel, taking in the sights. Continue reading