A Floridian Adventure

Florida Adventure

I was looking through some very old photos and came across some from Florida, including this one from Universal.

I really love universal, I love the sets! One can definitely spend an entire day imagining on set. This was taken in a hip Brooklyn neighbourhood, where we spent the night sitting on the stoop, singing oldies while A played on a busted guitar that he found in an empty lot a few blocks away. B and C loved dancing about the sidewalk while D sang with the voice of an angel. We stayed like this until old Mrs. E peeked out her window and told us to find our way home – in not so nice terms.

Universal also have some fun rides, my fave there was the Mummy ride which, for some reason, is just ridiculously funny. Let’s not forget that Universal is also the home of Hogsmead! The Harry Potter park was still under construction during this trip, but I did return a year later to experience the wonder.

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