Adventures in Asia: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The adventure continues! From the parking lot, to Honolulu, to Guam, to Manila, now onwards to Malaysia.

Day 1; The Arrival

Eve and I touched down at the Malaysian Airport, whizzed through the customs and found the bus that would take us into the Kuala Lumpur where we were to meet with my friend, Addy.

Addy was thoughtful and super helpful to us! She did some research and found us a lovely hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, just outside the city center. She also met us at the bus terminal and bought us a SIM card, some rolls to eat and a single pass card for their metro. We took the train to KLCC to get to our hotel.

We went to the city center to get some Malaysian food. One of the things I noticed was that people were still staring at us – even though there were a lot of ethnicities in KL. I guess we just had the foreign look.  We ate at Little Penang Kafe, the food was absolutely delicious (a theme for this leg of the trip) and they had coconut water in a real coconut! I was in love.

We walked around the mall and visited an internet cafe, then we went to see the Petronas Towers with their lights off in honour of Earth Hour. It was a fun first night.

Day 2; Church, Central Market, Little India

The next day we went to church with Addy and had lunch with her family. Then we took the light rail to Pasar Seni and visited Central Market where we bought some souvenirs. As we were walking around, we saw a woman selling leather slippers for 55 RM, they were pretty and comfortable and we bought some. Addy haggled the price down for us, so we got them for a little less. It’s so different, haggling for goods. I’m not good at it at all, I’d pay whatever the person tells me, but the fact that it’s acceptable to haggle in some places, is amazing to me.

After the market, we took the light rail to Masjid Jamek where we walked though a bazar and Little India. Eve bought some sugarcane juice and I got some watermelon juice. We tried some street food – samosas – and it was good. We then walked around a bit and got some guava.

After our little walk we took the rail back to KLCC where we ate at this shop in the mall called Rotiboy, a place that sells these ridiculously yummy buns that Addy bought for us the day before. Then, later we went to Madam Kwan where we had some more yummy food to eat.

Day 3; KL Tower and Chinatown

I spent the morning at the mall across from our hotel, posting mail, checking email, eating more Rotiboy because I couldn’t get enough! Around noon we went to Baskin Robbins to get some fondue (which isn’t something I see in NYC, if there is one, let me know in the comments!).

We took the cab to KL Tower and went up to the observation deck where we saw the entire city sprawled beneath us. It was interesting to look at the progression from metropolitan to suburbs to hills and rural areas.

Our passes included the winter garden, which had fake snowmen and a Christmas village … probably one of the cornier things seen on the trip! We also got to see some animals (a mini zoo), mostly snakes and monkeys (no snow animals though!)

After, we took a cab to Chinatown and walked around the market. Eve managed to get a Malaysian soccer team shirt for her brother, I didn’t realize that they had a soccer team! We tried the jack fruit and come crepe-like goodies, and they were very good. Like I said, yummy foods was the theme of this stop. We also had some fried chips that were made of some sort of fish, I don’t remember the name, but it tasted good.

That night we walked around the area and saw a lot of tourists and a lot of outdoor restaurants where people will try to woo you in with their menus. We tried the chinese food at one of these places (whose name I have forgotten) and it was delicious.

Day 4; Petronas Towers

Addy got up early that morning and got us tickets to get into the Petronas Towers and visit the sky bridge. We got to see a screening of how it was built and what the company does – which seems to be a lot. Afterwards, we took the train to get some dim sum (delicious) and then we went to Addy’s house where we met her parents.

Her parents live in a lovely place and they have a beautiful view of the hills. We spoke for hours about every and anything and just hung out together. It was a great time, one of the few times I actually got to talk to Addy, even though we were hanging out together. There’s something to be said about quietness and conversation. Later, her parents took us out to dinner. We ate at a place where the food was Indian cuisine but it was prepared a special way to meet the restrictions in Islamic diet. There was also another coconut involved and once again, everything was delicious.

Addy’s parents took us for a little drive around the city and then we said our goodbyes at the hotel. The next day we would be making our way to Singapore!

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