An Open Letter to Yelp’s Email Marketing Team

Dear Yelp Email Marketing Team, 

I was away for the past week and you sent me an email, “Yelp Screams For Ice Cream!”. Since I had my away message up, my mailbox automatically shot you an “Out of the Office” type of email. However, as with most email newsletters, this message was sent to a mailbox that wasn’t being monitored, the address Typically, this would be OK, except for the fact that that email address keeps bouncing and I end up receiving messages EVERY DAY SINCE THEN letting me know that it will attempt to retry sending again. 

Every time I see the “Yelp Screams For Ice Cream” subject line, I want to scream, not for ice cream, but at your poor message management. In a perfect world, this is how it works, Yelp. 

You send email. You receive OOtO response. You accept return message either to a black-box inbox where messages are discarded since your marketing email is, OR you receive messages to a working inbox. Either way, my message to you needs to be received or it will bounce and it will keep trying that I will be informed every day and that will make me mad!  

Now, you have an annoyed customer who has to wait 8 more days for the mail system to stop trying to deliver. After 8 days, please be certain that I would not want to receive ANY emails from Yelp in the future. I’m just waiting to hit the “SPAM” button whenever I see your emails in my inbox, because, after this, you are practically spam to me, and I don’t open spam messages to “unsubscribe”. 

Yours Sincerely,