An Open Letter to Yelp’s Email Marketing Team

Dear Yelp Email Marketing Team, 

I was away for the past week and you sent me an email, “Yelp Screams For Ice Cream!”. Since I had my away message up, my mailbox automatically shot you an “Out of the Office” type of email. However, as with most email newsletters, this message was sent to a mailbox that wasn’t being monitored, the address Typically, this would be OK, except for the fact that that email address keeps bouncing and I end up receiving messages EVERY DAY SINCE THEN letting me know that it will attempt to retry sending again. 

Every time I see the “Yelp Screams For Ice Cream” subject line, I want to scream, not for ice cream, but at your poor message management. In a perfect world, this is how it works, Yelp. 

You send email. You receive OOtO response. You accept return message either to a black-box inbox where messages are discarded since your marketing email is, OR you receive messages to a working inbox. Either way, my message to you needs to be received or it will bounce and it will keep trying that I will be informed every day and that will make me mad!  

Now, you have an annoyed customer who has to wait 8 more days for the mail system to stop trying to deliver. After 8 days, please be certain that I would not want to receive ANY emails from Yelp in the future. I’m just waiting to hit the “SPAM” button whenever I see your emails in my inbox, because, after this, you are practically spam to me, and I don’t open spam messages to “unsubscribe”. 

Yours Sincerely, 

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Yelp’s Email Marketing Team

    • I just searched thru my trash and read it. “Cate S” =) Yay! And yes, for some ODD reason I, who live in Long Island and work in Manhattan, gets the QUEENS letters.

      Poor email marketing again!

      BTW, is that the place with the really large ice cream sundae?

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