BEDA: The Finale

Today is the 31st, the last day of Blog Every Day August, and I made it! I wasn’t sure I’d be motivated enough, but, I’m glad I did it. It’s interesting to look at the site status and to see the top ten posts this month, it’s quite a variety. It’s interesting to see that steampunk jewelry is still the top search referral in the last thirty days even though I only have three posts on steampunk, ever. But the best stat, the reason for BEDA, is to see the number of drafts that I have, post ideas that I want execute, the blogging steam that has built itself up and will hopefully go on.

Blogging; it’s a difficult thing. A lot of people blog for an audience, they post things for others to read but I always feel bare, exposed – even though I don’t post things I consider personal – when I think of the fact that there is an audience out there, faceless people – people I don’t know, people I do know.  Why do I blog? To keep a records? To share things? I’m not really certain and this is probably why I hop from blog to blog.

This blog started off as a “things to do in New York” blog, and that’s probably why it has lasted as long as it has. It had a purpose. I have strayed off that purpose, but I don’t feel badly about it because it still does highlight my life in New York. I doubt I’d write about “zombies” or “steampunk” or anything else that is a most searched for hit on my blog. I doubt I’d write many personal posts, or things I’d rather share with a person, IN person. I like what it is, a blog about my New York life. It gives it a purpose and it gives me a reason for writing. Not for the faceless and the nameless but for me.

This is the end of Blog Every Day (in) August. Let’s see what September brings. 🙂

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