The Woman In White: The Narrative of Walter Hartright

The Woman in White

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

Have you seen the size of this book? Well, fear not! I’m here to help you, here is The Narrative of Walter Hartright from The Woman In White by Wilkie Collins – the bits that you really need to know.


Walter: My Name is Walter Hartright, I am a poor, drawing teacher!

[Walter meets a woman dressed in white on the streets. He shows her the way to London.]

Random Men: Hark, You there! Have you seen a women dressed in white? She escaped from an asylum. We need to find her.

Walter: I have no idea what you’re talking about. [Runs away!]

Marian: I am Marian Halcombe, I am intelligent, witty, great in conversation and have a GREAT body, but, alas, I am ugly and have a mustache.

Walter: Marian, you are great to talk to. I met a random woman on the street. Some people said she was mad, but I threw them off her trail.

Marian: Oh, she sounds dreadfully familiar. Let me read letters to see how I know of her! BTW, my sister is a million times prettier than I am.

Laura: I’m Laura Fairlie. I’m so pretty, and quiet and gentle and I love drawing and walking with my dog. Oh how pretty are the flowers. Like me!

Walter: I am in love!

Laura: [quiet and gentle]

Walter: Every time we draw together I want to act inappropriately and hold your hand.

Laura: [quiet and gentle]

Marian: I have figured it out! Look, Walter, the woman you met has to be Anne Catherick, a girl who my mother took in and here, she dressed her in white and told her that was the best colour for her.

Walter: Fascinating!

Marian: Wait! The best part, she looks just like …

[Laura, dressed in white stops in front of them]

Walter: Your half-sister! Fascinating! Continue reading