A Youtube Education

I’m a Youtube fan. I love that people can create videos and express themselves in this way. There are some great video creators out there and content that teach as well as entertain. I thought I’d highlight some of my favourite channels today!

Crash Course
Learn History and Science on this Vlogbrothers channel  in a fun and understandable way. I’ve been making my way though the history section.

Speaking of, the Vlogbrothers was one of the first site I subscribed to. I love the videos that Hank and John Green make and I love the little community (well, rather large community) that they have built. There are funny videos, thought provoking videos, videos on current events, and they are all thoughtfully made. Also, I’m a fan of John Green’s books!

Charlie and Alex
Two guys from across the pond; Charlie and Alex have very different channels, but I find they both have some interesting videos. Charlie is just a funny guy and I find myself laughing at a lot of his videos (which are well made). I actually first started watching his videos after seeing his How to be English video. Alex also makes some funny videos, especially his reading of Twilight. He’s also one of the creators of Sopio, a fun card game.

One of my favourite cooking channels is Sorted. They make quick and easy dishes and they are a lot of fun to watch. Annnd, they made a dish based on something I requested (a long time ago and with a few other people).

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