Word of the Month: Cupcakes

I’m not generally a TV watcher, I catch my shows on Netflix or Hulu, but there are days when I like to watch TV for hours – particularly TLC or the Food Network. My favourites are the marathons.

During one such binge I ended up watching a D.C. Cupcake marathon. There was something so appealing about the cupcake shop that I found myself waiting in line for an hour when I visited D.C. to try their cupcake. The wait was worth it.

Now, Georgetown Cupcakes has a SoHo location, and not just ANY location, but a location that is practically in my backyard. It’s was almost like they did their research and knew I worked close by and decided to open a cupcake store there so I can get cupcakes as much as I want*!

I promise I’m not obsessed, but I noticed that I was going to GTC at least once a week – sometimes more! I mean, how could you stay away from the pretty delicious cupcakes? They have a number of flavours and they change them from time to time, so I have to keep going back to try the different flavours*.

Also, they have this cute, pink, bedazzled KitchenAid Mixer, I almost can’t resist going to admire it … and getting a cupcake while I view*.

I have found a solution (though there isn’t a problem), it’s called a cupcake tasting! Grab a couple of friends and order half a dozen cupcakes, all different flavours. Cut each cupcake into the appropriate pieces. Delicious**! I have to admit, since their opening in February, I have had three cupcake tastings and it was good.

Look at those cute little pink boxes … move over Tiffany’s there’s a new box in town*.

* That’s my story and I’m sticking to it
** Wait, is that a solution?

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