My shoes are trying to kill me!

Has this ever happened to you? You go to the shoe store, purchase a brand new pair of shoes and take it home, only to find that it doesn’t fit like it did in the store?

How about, you go to the shoe store, try on a pair of shoes, walk around a bit, take it home, walk around a bit, wear it the next day, walk around a bit and then half way through the day find that it doesn’t fit and your toes are about to fall off and your heels are raw?

The latter always seems to happen to me.

I’m not entirely sure how this could happen, but I recently bought a pair of shoes – “walking shoes” – I looked at all the reviews online and they all say the same thing, “These shoes run large, buy a size or a size and a half smaller”. I went to the store, tried a half a size smaller and felt it was too snug, so I tried it in my size and it fit, like a glove for my feet*! Excited, I paid for the shoes and took them home.

I wore those shoes for a full day with no problems, but the next day it was like a whole different pair! They were tighter and my heels were rubbed raw.

Now, I’m very confused, I read the reviews and everyone claims that the shoes are an entire size larger than regular shoes, this means they should be falling off my feet, not trying to strangle them. I feel like I landed in the middle of a shoe conspiracy. Were all the reviewers playing a joke on unsuspecting shoe purchasers? Did someone switch my shoes** during lunch? Did I upset the shoe fairy*** and this is her revenge?

But, I’m stubborn, so I’m willing to put up a fight. One of us will win, this war, Shoe, and I’m not going down without a fight!

* I guess those are called toe socks.
** Practical jokers, take note.
*** They do exist. Trust me. *nods*