Did I Wake Up in Wonderland?

Curiouser and curiouser … could this week get any stranger?

I should have known the proceeding week would bring many strange encounters when I locked myself out of my house (again) on Saturday.

I was running late for a Skype meeting to go over some travel plans with friends when I discovered that my keys were inside the house and I was outside of it and most importantly, the door was locked. I rang the house phone and that of every occupant of the house only to find that they were all away – I just missed them – and so I’d have to wait. To make things more interesting, I had to go. You know, go.


Lucky for me, I’m a gadget lover so, I hopped back into my car, logged on to Skype on my iPad and used my phone charger to charge my phone while surfing the web for travel deals. The only problem was, I still needed to, you know … go.

After my session, I decided to go to the closet Panera, missed the exit, had to drive 15 extra minutes to get back to the correct exit, finally making it to the Panera only to realize that I left my wallet at home, with my keys. Thankfully, I had some cash my bag so I didn’t feel too badly about rushing into the Panera to, you know, go. At least I could buy something to eat and wait until I could get into the house again.

Let’s talk about Sunday.

I got a new bicycle, so I’ve been trying to ride it as much as I can. On my way to the salon on Sunday, I passed by a group of teenagers. One yell out, “Hey, can I ride in your basket!?”

No … really. No.

Fast forward to Tuesday.

I promise I am not making this story up. I mean, I know I have a pretty good imagination, but, somethings can’t be imagined.

As I stood in the line to enter the train, I noticed a man standing between the cars; the problem was that he noticed me noticing him. Never a good thing.

At the next stop, said man – let’s call him Weirdo – came into my car and the following conversation occurred:

Weirdo: How much did you pay for your shoes?
Me: *startled* What!?
Weirdo: How much did you pay for your shoes?
Me: *mumble price*
Weirdo: How much? They look cheap.
Me: Oook.
Weirdo: Do you speak Spanish?
Me: No.
Weird0: What language did you learn in school?
Me: *turning body away* English and French
Weirdo:  Where are you from?
Me: South America
Weirdo: *stares* Ok. Do you have a brother?
Me: Yes.
Weird0: How old is he?
Me: 19.
Weirdo: Do you have a sister?
Me: *sigh* Yes.
Weirdo: How old is she?
Me: 17.
Weirdo: *pulling out condoms from bags* Do you want this?
Me: *appalled* No thanks.
Weirdo: Give it to your brother.
Me: My brother does not live with me.
Weirdo: Give it to your mother
Me: I live by myself.
Weirdo: *stares* *walks away*

Then, dear reader, he decided to give his condoms away to other commuters. No one accepted.

How about Thursday?

As I rode my bicycle towards the train station, a man on his lawn – with a cup in his hand – called out to me. I acknowledged him and tried to continue on my way, but he had to ask me a question. “What’s your name?” I told him. “Do you live on Carrol?” No.

I know, he was being polite, I mean, this is the second time he’s seen me ride by his home, but the thing is, I’m not a morning person; I do not like morning chitchat and I definitely don’t like talking to strangers in the morning. If I had known that riding a bike was such a social activity, I wouldn’t have purchased one!

I jest, but, at least I can’t complain that my week was a dull one.

Oh … wait. Did I mention that my arm is black and blue and I have no idea what happened? Well, that happened as well.

2012: The Year of the Archers

It started with Katniss, fighting for her life in the Hunger Games. Then Hawkeye showed up in Avengers, with his dynamic arrows, avenging the earth. In June, Princess Merida will capture our hearts with her fierceness in Brave (well, I assume, I haven’t seen it yet … but, Pixar, I won’t mind a preview *hint hint*).

I think it’s official, 2012 is the year of the Archer. I wonder how the archery business is doing.

The problem with Snow

By now you have probably seen the Hunger Games. If you haven’t, then it’s time to come out from under your rock!

There has been a lot of talk about the actors/actresses that were chosen for the movie and how they don’t fit the characters in the book1, and to be honest, I think people have missed the biggest casting flaw!2

Donald Sutherland as President Snow!?

image via eonline

Look at that face. He looks so trustworthy, I’d want him to run my post-apocalyptic nation! There goes the dystopian world!

Snow is described as small, thin, and “pretty much creepy”.3 He mouth smells like roses and blood, he’s a perfectionist and a cruel tyrant. Basically, he’s scary!

Donald Sutherland can offer kids candy from the back of a truck and moms will let him. Basically, not scary!

image via MirandaFear

Snow is evil. Sutherland is well like a teddy bear4. And that’s my problem with Snow.


1 Didn’t you know it was a book? How are we acquainted again?
2 To be honest, why the issue in the first place, all the actors/actresses did a great job!
3I’m certain I’m quoting directly from the book here.
4 Who did a great job portraying Snow 😉

How I Met Your Mother

Towards the end of 2011 I started watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. I’ve always heard great things about this TV Show but never watched it since CBS doesn’t put its shows on Hulu AND the online player that they have is ancient.

How I Met Your Mother is a story told by Ted – the main character – to his two children, about how he met their mother, except he tells the long version. Ted and his four friends – Lily and Marshall, who have been together for years, Robin, who they met at the beginning of the series and Barney, the womanizing, high-functioning sociopath with a soft spot for his friends.

I think what I like about HIMYM is the fact that each episode *can* stand alone, however, there are tidbits that run through the entire series based on past episodes – the yellow umbrella, slapsgiving, etc. – which add a different layer to the show. I don’t know when this series will end, I just hope they don’t draw it out until it’s so boring that the finale is anticlimactic, and while I know I’d want to see more, I hope that it ends on Ted meeting his wife, after all, that would be the absolute best =)

So, I ran into JT …

He didn’t look pleased, the paparazzi were all over the place and we had to run to escape them. Luckily, we ran into George who was kind enough to offer us a place to stay.

All was well until George popped the question – Lemonade? Or Iced Tea? JT wasn’t pleased.

Robin said he was more of a coffee person, and went out to look for a Starbucks.

When he returned and we were all caffeinated (one way or another) we threw ourselves a little concert. That JT sure can sing!

His song was like the siren’s, every super hero within earshot came to celebrate.

More photos from Madame Tussauds’ can be found on Flickr. It was a wonderful and fun experience, definitely worth the trip!