Harney and Son – Tea Time in SoHo

On Broome Street, just a few blocks away from my office, is a little tea shop called Harney and Son. They have a large collection of teas – in bags and loose leaf – for any type of tea lover. The front of the shop has tinned teas and a little tea tasting area where you can taste the teas that they have brewing, or shop for tea accessories.

Or, you can go to the back and sit for some tea and scones – and other treats. They have these large cups, and I usually get a small teapot which fills the cup about two times. The only downside to this is that you have to drink your tea quickly if you like it hot (like I do), or you have to pour it out a little at a time.

Their scones are pretty good, I’d count it up there in the “top 3 scones that I’ve had at tea shops in New York City”, and they come in pairs so you can share it with a friend.

I haven’t tried their ice cream yet, but I have it on good authority that it’s really good, especially the chai ice cream.

I love the utensils that come with the food, everything adds a woodsy feeling, like you’re picnicking outside, not sitting in the back of a tea shop. Of course, you can also order to go, but since it’s never really busy (or, I’ve always gone during quiet times) it might be worth it to sit and read or chat. I know that everyone that’s gone there with me has loved it! The next time you’re in SoHo, give it a try (and … um … invite meeee!!)

Word of the Month: Cupcakes

I’m not generally a TV watcher, I catch my shows on Netflix or Hulu, but there are days when I like to watch TV for hours – particularly TLC or the Food Network. My favourites are the marathons.

During one such binge I ended up watching a D.C. Cupcake marathon. There was something so appealing about the cupcake shop that I found myself waiting in line for an hour when I visited D.C. to try their cupcake. The wait was worth it.

Now, Georgetown Cupcakes has a SoHo location, and not just ANY location, but a location that is practically in my backyard. It’s was almost like they did their research and knew I worked close by and decided to open a cupcake store there so I can get cupcakes as much as I want*!

I promise I’m not obsessed, but I noticed that I was going to GTC at least once a week – sometimes more! I mean, how could you stay away from the pretty delicious cupcakes? They have a number of flavours and they change them from time to time, so I have to keep going back to try the different flavours*.

Also, they have this cute, pink, bedazzled KitchenAid Mixer, I almost can’t resist going to admire it … and getting a cupcake while I view*.

I have found a solution (though there isn’t a problem), it’s called a cupcake tasting! Grab a couple of friends and order half a dozen cupcakes, all different flavours. Cut each cupcake into the appropriate pieces. Delicious**! I have to admit, since their opening in February, I have had three cupcake tastings and it was good.

Look at those cute little pink boxes … move over Tiffany’s there’s a new box in town*.

* That’s my story and I’m sticking to it
** Wait, is that a solution?