BEA in a Nutshell

For a somewhat detailed blog about my BEA experience, see my book blog

I woke up super early for this, but, see my badge? I’m legit!

Saw Ally Condie and got a copy of her upcoming book, Crossed. I liked Matched, but I didn’t like the protagonists’s love interest. I think this might be the first dystopian novel in which I’m rooting for the Society.

I am a fan of the covers though! Some girls standing behind me were wondering out loud what the colour and the bubble would be for the third book. I wanted to join in on their conversation, but I didn’t …

After a few more lines, I stood in another rather long line for Scott Westerfeld. See the ipad on his desk? That’s geektastick!

Leviathan is one of my absolute FAVOURITE trilogies, so it was my honour to hold Goliath in my hands, months before it’s release date. This will probably be one of those books I get a signed copy of from Books of Wonder or something.

After a long morning, lunch was AMAZING. Putting chips in my pulled pork sandwich = awesome!

Apparently he’s got a book coming out ….

This is a working, steampunkesque, reading apparatus. This photo does not do it justice. I would like to have one of this … just for fun!

The books.

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