BEA in a Nutshell

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I woke up super early for this, but, see my badge? I’m legit!

Saw Ally Condie and got a copy of her upcoming book, Crossed. I liked Matched, but I didn’t like the protagonists’s love interest. I think this might be the first dystopian novel in which I’m rooting for the Society.

I am a fan of the covers though! Some girls standing behind me were wondering out loud what the colour and the bubble would be for the third book. I wanted to join in on their conversation, but I didn’t …

After a few more lines, I stood in another rather long line for Scott Westerfeld. See the ipad on his desk? That’s geektastick!

Leviathan is one of my absolute FAVOURITE trilogies, so it was my honour to hold Goliath in my hands, months before it’s release date. This will probably be one of those books I get a signed copy of from Books of Wonder or something.

After a long morning, lunch was AMAZING. Putting chips in my pulled pork sandwich = awesome!

Apparently he’s got a book coming out ….

This is a working, steampunkesque, reading apparatus. This photo does not do it justice. I would like to have one of this … just for fun!

The books.

I’m a fangirl

Fangirl; n.: a female who supports an idea, trend, company etc, with an intensity bordering crazy.

Here’s the deal, I’m not crazy (sorta, kinda). I just love books, and because I love books, I love the people who write those books. With the entry of Twitter to the world of Social Media, it’s become easy to have a conversation with authors who were otherwise unreachable – except when they tour. So when one of my favourite authors respond to my tweets well, I usually have a moment of excitement, then I carry on with whatever I’m doing.

So when Scott Westerfeld retweeted my Behemoth tweets? *yay*

BTW, the last book in that trilogy comes out this Fall! I hope Mr. Westerfeld goes on tour with his wife!

Then Justine Larbalestier responded to me when I made a comment about her name. I like Justine for a lot of reasons, she’s the reason I got into YA lit as  much as I currently am. I was looking for a Harry Potter fix between books and one of my friends mentioned a controversial book geared towards young people and of course, I had to check it out. After reading Magic or Madness, I decided to read the rest.  It’s also where I picked up the word widdershins. That’s a cool word.

Once I was finished with the Magic or Madness trilogy I found her blog and realised that she was the wife of Scott Westerfeld, whose Uglies books I remembered seeing on the shelves in the bookstores, but always passing them by because the name sounded superficial (yes, I was judging the book by its name). However, realising that Justine was made of awesome, I decided that her husband was probably made of awesome as well and bought the first Uglies book. I’ve been devouring his stuff ever since. Scott is most definitely made of awesome.

Then I started reading Scott’s blogs, and reading the blogs of the authors Justine and Scott recommended and the rest is history.

I’m not sure who did it, but somewhere along the line Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty was recommended. I bought it. I read it. I loved it! Then I became a Libba Bray fan. I don’t know what goes on in the mind of Libba Bray, but I can hypothesis and it’s scary but wonderful. After reading her Going Bovine novel, I wondered if that wasn’t more an autobiography than a work of fiction. She’s insane. She’s funny. She’s ingenius.

Enter Holly Black. I saw her books in the bookstore a number of times, then one day started thumbing through Tithe. I got as far as the title page, I’ve been reading Holly’s books ever since. She’s a master of world crafting, faery lore and now, mobster fantasy. Wow. Impressed. *hat off* *confetti*

This can go on, but I’ll conclude now with …

Two fangirl moments etched into my brain.

2nd moment: I cannot tell you how happy I was that Maureen saw my Ginny European Tour map and loved it! I spent a lot of time on that map and I seriously want to visit all the places she described in her book 13 Little Blue Envelopes. So, to see your work appreciated by an author who worked hard to present a good book? Priceless.

1st moment: Not only did Holly Black say that she loved my steampunkesque necklace during the ZvU debate signing, but Justine Larbalestier, yes, THE Justine, recognised my twitter handle (first name) and even remembered my profile picture. I might have been smiling like a loon, I don’t know, but it was the best. fangirl. moment. ever.

Steampunk, Etsy and Me

I blame Scott Westerfeld, and perhaps Tim Burton. My love for things “steampunk” comes from their influence. In the fall or 2009, after reading Leviathan, I hopped on Etsy and searched for steampunk jewelry, I was looking for necklaces and happened across this gem from School of Charm.

What captured my eye was the quote they had in the description:

“Nerves and butterflies are fine –
they’re a physical sign
that you’re mentally ready and eager.

You have to get the butterflies
to fly in formation,
that’s the trick.”
— Steve Bull

It was my first Etsy piece and my first steampunk piece. I loved it! After that, I read Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel and she was promoting an Etsy store – hebelmet – which sells jewelry based on her books. There I got my second piece of steampunk jewelry, another necklace. Clockwork Wings.

And now I have another piece, this time from Umbrella Laboratory, not necessarily steampunk, but it is a clock in a snitch – a Golden Snitch! A snitch in time?

Isn’t it pretty? I can’t wait to get it! =) Harry Potter + Steampunk + Necklaces?

Geek Out!