Steampunk, Etsy and Me

I blame Scott Westerfeld, and perhaps Tim Burton. My love for things “steampunk” comes from their influence. In the fall or 2009, after reading Leviathan, I hopped on Etsy and searched for steampunk jewelry, I was looking for necklaces and happened across this gem from School of Charm.

What captured my eye was the quote they had in the description:

“Nerves and butterflies are fine –
they’re a physical sign
that you’re mentally ready and eager.

You have to get the butterflies
to fly in formation,
that’s the trick.”
— Steve Bull

It was my first Etsy piece and my first steampunk piece. I loved it! After that, I read Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel and she was promoting an Etsy store – hebelmet – which sells jewelry based on her books. There I got my second piece of steampunk jewelry, another necklace. Clockwork Wings.

And now I have another piece, this time from Umbrella Laboratory, not necessarily steampunk, but it is a clock in a snitch – a Golden Snitch! A snitch in time?

Isn’t it pretty? I can’t wait to get it! =) Harry Potter + Steampunk + Necklaces?

Geek Out!

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