Personal cards

I’m not a fan of business cards. I always forget that I have them so I don’t give them to any one. Then there is also the fact that I don’t use other people’s cards when I get them. I mean, the idea is a good one, here is my contact information on a tiny piece of paper, use it. However, I always forget that I have them, then I never use it.

Yet, I recently created my own cards. They aren’t business cards but personal cards. It has my name on the front and on the back it has a QR code.

[this one]

You scan it and it takes you a website with my social sites. I’m not sure I’ll ever use them, but I suppose it’s good to have. The funny thing is, I really only created them so that I could use the QR code. What’s that? I’m a nerd? Yeah, I know.


It’s Sunday, Sunday!

I got up on Friday morning, looked at my phone and say that it was Friday. Then that Rebecca Black song started up in my head. *pulls pillow over head* WHY!!

Now Sunday will have the same demise. The parody is funny, but this really needs to stop.