Lunar Eclipse and Technology

I’m looking outside my window and seeing the brightness of sunlight streaming in. Yet, I can experience the longest lunar eclipse in this decade (which is still going on as I type), thanks to National Geographic and Youtube.

How fun! Click here→

Museum Mile 2011

It's fun to walk - and take photos - in the middle of 5th Avenue

Yesterday was the 33rd Annual Museum Mile Festival in New York City.

Last year I visited the Guggenhiem Museum which is known for it’s spiral shape and was also the most expensive Museum. It was crowded! We took about 30 minutes to get into the museum itself and spent another hour or two browsing the collection. Afterwards I ran into my Aunts and mom … what are the odds?

This year, I decided that it was time to visit museums I wouldn’t usually visit, so we visited the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum and the Museum of the City of New York.

While waiting in line to enter Cooper-Hewitt we bumped into one of my aunts! I suppose the odds aren’t that slim.

The Cooper-Hewitt had two large exhibits. The second floor held the Color Moves: Art and Fashion by Sonia Delaunay exhibit. There were a lot of patterns and prints done by Sonia Delaunay that was made into fabric and the fascinating thing was its similarity to the prints in today’s fashion.

The first floor of the Cooper-Hewitt held the Set in Style: The Jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels exhibit and this was a hit, mostly amongst the ladies. I love jewelry as much as the next woman, but I found a lot of the pieces too grandiose – which, I suppose, was the point. I did enjoy the butterflies though and the jewel-encrusted dancers.

The Museum of the City of New York had a Joel Grey/A New York Life exhibit on the second floor. In this exhibit I realised that Academy and Golden Globe awards aren’t large, even though they seem large on the television; that sometimes pictures of rusty chain links on a pink, flaky wall can look extremely artistic. Also, that I should have married a wealthy man in the 1800s if I wanted to have a fancy drawing room, complete with picture table and decorative fireplace.

The first floor contained a dollhouse which was exquisitely decorated. Which I wanted to take home. Which in turn reminded me of this – Grace White also has an Etsy shop, which I plan on browsing often. I think this was my favourite thing of the night!

The first floor also contained the The American Style: Colonial Revival and the Modern Metropolis exhibit, which is wonderful to view. It’s fun to imagine society in colonial times.

We must have walked at least three miles, so we ended the night with Shake Shack burgers and fries (yummy). Now I’ve visited four museums in the Museum Mile, just 6 more to go.

[photos courtesy of Cate!]

The Best Google Doodle Ever.

I woke up this morning to Google’s newest Doodle and I have to say, they’ve outdone themselves. In a tribute to Les Paul, Google has put out a playable instrument as their doodle. You can use the middle row of keys on your keyboard to strike each of the 10 strings. But, what makes this exceptional is that you can record what you are playing and they generate a link to it so you can share! Go ahead, play your heart out.


My First Cell Phone

Do you remember your first mobile device? Meet mine, it’s a Sony Ericosson. The phone that started my journey into the world of mobile devices.

The phone I had after this, I lost, first and last time (I hope) to ever lose a phone. Following that I had an old Nokia that featured the popular Snake game.

Next was a Kyocera Slider phone that made a fun sliding sound when you opened and closed it. After that one, I believe the LG Chocolate was next.

Then I moved on to my first personal smart phone, the Blackberry Tour. I had a Blackberry for work, but that didn’t count as mine, this Tour was my first official smart phone.

Almost two years later I am now the proud owner of an HTC Thunderbolt. Smart-phone. 4G. Awesome. My, how time flies.

This is Teen – a Scholastics Book Signing Event

The Scholastics Store hosted Libba Bray, Meg Cabot and Maggie Stiefvater for a Q/A session and book signing as part of the This is Teen tour. (Yes, I know, I’m far from my teenage years, but listen, Libba Bray was going to be there and I’ve yet to meet Meg Cabot – who’s Princess Diaries I enjoyed as a teen – and Maggie Stiefvater – who’s books I’ve heard good things about, you would have gone if you were me. Stop judging!)


They shared a few fun things with us; Maggie loves researching, Meg loves writing in her diaries and Libba loves to steal Maggie’s research and Meg’s diaries. Meg has a crush on Hades . (Ok, this is how rumours start, don’t believe a word I said, you just had to be there.)

Then they had the signings. Libba remembered me from Twitter handle – thumbs up my “unique” name – and I have decided to label that fangirl moment #3.

 She also humoured me in holding up a peace sign.

Meg commented on my name – I’ve never thought of my name being different or nice in any way, but I suppose I’ve grown up hearing it often and familiarity causes it to lose it’s uniqueness.

And I caught the tail-end of Maggie’s line as we chatted about her books and the fact that there are only few people whose recommendations we trust. (See those books on the desk? They were being signed, I’m sure the Scholastics Store might have a few signed copies, so go and take a look if you want one.)

I’m looking forward to reading these books – stranded beauty queens, wolves and greek myths retold? What’s not to love!?

Arizona, The Vacation

Several weeks ago I decided to visit Arizona. I have a friend, Michell, who moved there to teach and since the end of her school year corresponded with Memorial Day weekend, I decided to take advantage of the extra day off and have myself a mini vacation to Arizona.

I had two requirements for this trip. First, I needed to see the Grand Canyon. I didn’t have to do anything, I just wanted to see what the hullabaloo was all about with this gigantic hole in the ground. Next, I wanted to get a photo standing next to a cactus that was taller than me. You see, in New York, the tallest I’ve seen a cactus grow was well, not very tall.

My trip began at 8 on Friday night, when I flew out of JFK to Phoenix. Michell picked me up at the airport at and we had an authentic Arizonan dinner – In N’ Out Burger.

On Saturday we took a trip to Williams to visit our friend Jay, and to see the Grand Canyon. Williams is a small town, about an hour south of the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s WINDY. It’s chilly. It’s quaint and it has a strip if Route 66 running through it.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon on Saturday afternoon. It was breathtaking. Yes, it is a giant hole in the ground, but what a grand hole it is! I can’t explain the beauty, I think this is something one needs to see for themselves. I mean, it’s a lot of rock, but the vastness of it and the history of how it came to be is just mind boggling. Water is powerful.

I promptly found my favourite rock.

I mean, come on … it is cute. Right? Continue reading