Mighty Max Low

I wrote about this last month, Max is a kid who is battling with Leukemia. I was curious to see a follow up, how many cards did Max receive thus far? I found an article online and the count, as of April 6th, is 73, 716.

As of last Friday, Max was scheduled for a bone marrow transfer, his dad was the donor, I don’t know how the operation went as I cannot find anything online, yet, but I do know that cards are steadily pouring in.

Last sunday some of the children from my church made cards for Max and I was able to send it out this week. There is a video surprise in it with the use of QR codes. It was fun to do and a great activity for the kids.

If you have some time to make or purchase, do take that time to send Max a card.

Mighty Max Low
P.O. Box 111, Neola, IA 51559

If you would prefer to make a donation you can to Max-a-Million/Max Low Fund at any U.S. Bank, or send it to the U.S. Bank in Underwood, 321 Highway St., Underwood, IA 51576.

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