Mighty Max Low

I wrote about this last month, Max is a kid who is battling with Leukemia. I was curious to see a follow up, how many cards did Max receive thus far? I found an article online and the count, as of April 6th, is 73, 716.

As of last Friday, Max was scheduled for a bone marrow transfer, his dad was the donor, I don’t know how the operation went as I cannot find anything online, yet, but I do know that cards are steadily pouring in.

Last sunday some of the children from my church made cards for Max and I was able to send it out this week. There is a video surprise in it with the use of QR codes. It was fun to do and a great activity for the kids.

If you have some time to make or purchase, do take that time to send Max a card.

Mighty Max Low
P.O. Box 111, Neola, IA 51559

If you would prefer to make a donation you can to Max-a-Million/Max Low Fund at any U.S. Bank, or send it to the U.S. Bank in Underwood, 321 Highway St., Underwood, IA 51576.


Let’s help Mighty Max get 1M get well cards!

Max is a 12 year old from Neola.

Max has been battling leukemia since he was in kindergarten.

Max has one wish. That wish is to receive 1 million get well cards.

Let’s help Might Max reach his goal, address get-well cards to:

Mighty Max Low
P.O. Box 111, Neola, IA 51559

Also, send this along to your friends. =)