GetGlue Stickers

Five months ago I joined and wrote a post about it.

I wanted to get the Hanna sticker; I thought it was a cool sticker, but, I never received my first set of stickers. *sad face* So, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a set of stickers from GetGlue in the mail this week!

Yeah! No Hanna, but at least I got Bones and Rapture 2011. Woot! The stickers are really great quality-wise, however, I’d suggest cutting them out as opposed to trying to rip them off as they stand, it will give you a less messy finish.

This gives me a renewed interest in GetGlue. Time to earn more stickers! Check it out! It’s fun!

Life in a Day

It was one day; July 24, 2010.

People from around the world took video footage of their day and submitted it to the creators of this movie. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and will be coming to theaters this summer!

While I didn’t participate I do remember this day. It was a good day. Things didn’t go according to plan, but spontaneity brought some interesting surprises. Sometimes, things going awry can cause disappointment, but sometimes it turns out for the better.

I’m interested to see this film. The idea of seeing what happened around the world on that one day is pretty mind boggling. It makes me appreciate the power of Social Media.

Let’s help Mighty Max get 1M get well cards!

Max is a 12 year old from Neola.

Max has been battling leukemia since he was in kindergarten.

Max has one wish. That wish is to receive 1 million get well cards.

Let’s help Might Max reach his goal, address get-well cards to:

Mighty Max Low
P.O. Box 111, Neola, IA 51559

Also, send this along to your friends. =)