Rubbish is rubbish

On my way to the train station, I walked down these stairs. I thought they were nice even if there was litter along the side of them, so I took a picture. Since no one was coming that way, I decided to take another one with a different filter.

The result was a little more artistic – to my eye. For some reason the rubbish became important, giving the photo a certain flair or realness. I’m not sure how to describe it, but this shot appealed to me more than the first because it hid the rubbish in plain sight and made it a part of the landscape.

As I looked at the actual stairs the rubbish was still there. It looked dirty, it was not artistic. A thought struck me; even though it looks pretty, rubbish is still rubbish that needs to be cleaned, no matter what filter is used to disguise it true nature.

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