The 5:32 Train Gang – revisited

I happened to board the 5:32 train again yesterday. This time I went into the second car from the front, I didn’t want to deal with the mean 5:32 train gang. However, I happened upon another gang, this one a quieter, friendlier and all around nicer gang than the one in the first car. I’ll call them The 5:32 Train Players.

You see, this gang of friends/colleagues/train riders had two men in their group who sat facing each other, sharing a folder across their laps, with some newspapers to make it sturdier, and were playing Rummy.

I sat there for a minute looking at them play, there was even a point where I was tempted to ask them to deal me in! Who thinks about these things!? I was impressed.

Perhaps I’ll observe this gang of travelers today as well; we’ll see if they play again.

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