The 5:32 Train Gang – revisited

I happened to board the 5:32 train again yesterday. This time I went into the second car from the front, I didn’t want to deal with the mean 5:32 train gang. However, I happened upon another gang, this one a quieter, friendlier and all around nicer gang than the one in the first car. I’ll call them The 5:32 Train Players.

You see, this gang of friends/colleagues/train riders had two men in their group who sat facing each other, sharing a folder across their laps, with some newspapers to make it sturdier, and were playing Rummy.

I sat there for a minute looking at them play, there was even a point where I was tempted to ask them to deal me in! Who thinks about these things!? I was impressed.

Perhaps I’ll observe this gang of travelers today as well; we’ll see if they play again.

The 5:32 Train Gang

I don’t usually take the 5:32 train home, however, on occasion I do, and I have observed a thing or two. Well, mostly one thing. There is a gang of about 7 people – men and women – who take that train home together. Also, if I was being honest in my observation, they are jerks.

I noticed the 5:32 train gang the second time I rode that train. I was one of the first persons into the car and sat in the section with the seats facing each other. Unbeknownst to me, I was sitting the the gang’s “territory”. With book in hand, I started reading, but couldn’t help but feel a little strange when the man sitting opposite me started giving me weird looks. Was there something on my face? Is a button open? Why does he keep glancing at me and smirking? Then, I figured it out, his friend walks in and apparently I was sitting in his friend’s seat, so his friend had to sit in the seat behind him. They then proceeded to have a loud conversation with each other and the other five people in their gang.

Unfortunately for the gang, the train is a public ride and I got there first, so they couldn’t tell me to move. However, a woman with her suitcase came in, and there was a seat available in our section, but the men refused to move over to let her sit. Then they all proceeded to mock her and the size of her suitcase when she went to find another seat. Appalling.

The gang seems to be equal opportunity though, not only are they jerks to other passengers, they are jerks to each other. For example, yesterday I sat in their section – though not their seats – and I noticed one of their members try to sit with them, but apparently one of the men was saving those seats for two other men, so he told her no (even though four people could fit in that section). So, she came to sit next to me, then proceeded to have a conversation with the woman in front of her. Afterwards, she proceeded to pull out her mobile and have an animated conversation.

Let’s just say, I’m thankful for my ipod.