Itso easy to set up shelves!

It’s been a few months since I’ve had the genius idea of storing things under the computer desk, after all, I mainly use that computer as an entertainment system – TV shows – and if I do use it, since the monitor is large, I don’t need to be really close to the screen.

So this weekend I went to Target and got some boxes.

I also picked up a few Itso shelves. Itso shelves are genius. The Itso system allows you to customize your storage space and shelfs to your own taste using their different pieces. You can mix and match as you choose.

The idea was to take this old storage unit and condense it with the boxes. There are some important papers and some craft tools that I hardly use, so it all needed to be cleaned out.

The end result was three Itso units, and one small storage box, fitting comfortably under the desk and that old storage unit out in the rubbish.

ahhh … breathing a little better now =)