The Woman in White: Narrative of Vincent Gilmore

The Woman in White

The Woman in White

The Woman in White continues! The first part is here, below is the second narrative, which could have been tied up in a few pages, but instead took many many pages. Also, dogs hate villainous people.


Vincent: I am Vincent Gilmore, the lawyer of Mr. Fairlie. Sir Percival is here, looks old but acts like a young man.

Laura: Sir Percival is so old-looking. I must leave the room because I am too weak to do anything for myself, even to say I don’t want to marry an old man.

Sir Percival: Oh that anonymous letter. Anne Catherick is mad, you cannot believe anything that she says. Her mother begged me to put her into an asylum, and since she was a good woman to me and my family, I put her daughter away. But, because Anne knew what was going on, she decided to hate me.

Marian: I’m not certain.

Sir Percival: I will offer proof, because you are a woman and you need proof! Write to Mrs. Catherick and see if our stories don’t agree. Now I shall play with this dog.

[dog runs away from Sir Percival]

Sir Percival: We should try to find Anne Catherick! Poor soul. Tsk Tsk…

[dog tries to bite Sir Percival as he leaves the room]

Vincent: You don’t seem convinced Marian! And because you are smart and sensible, it makes me uneasy.

Marian: Don’t worry, we will find out from Mrs. Catherick. That dog sure is acting strangely.


Mrs. Catherick: Yes! I know that Anne was put into an asylum.

Marian: hmmm .. that was curt!


Marian: Since Laura is too gentle to do anything for herself, she hasn’t been in this conversation so I must go and break the news to her, that her fiance seems legit. But I don’t want to, because then it would be like I’m telling her to marry Sir Percival, since she is just so kind and gentle and wouldn’t break a promise. What must I do? I know that she’s secretly in love with another person.

Laura: I never break promises. I am unselfish, kind and gentle.


Laura: Oh, I am so frail and I hate that I’m marrying Sir Percival and not my hot drawing teacher (who is also older than I am but not nearly as old as Sir Percival). I shall mope around my room and be a wet blanket to everyone but they will only think of me as gentle and kind because I am so pretty.

Vincent: I must tell Laura that she’s behaving like a wet blanket, but I cannot because she looks so pretty today. Laura, I’m writing up your wedding contract, what do you want me to put in it?

Laura: Can I have Marian with me all the time? I cannot do anything for myself and need Marian to be with me all the time!

Vincent: OK! I will. Did you know that Sir Percival gave you an out? If you don’t want to marry him, you don’t have to.

Laura: Oh, I cannot do that! I need to marry him to create drama for the novel.

Vincent: If you must.


Vincent: I will write-up a contract. Sir Percival won’t get a penny, if Laura dies without children, it goes to her friends.

Sir Percival’s Lawyer: Sir Percival gets the money if Laura dies with no children.

Vincent: This sound villainous. What do you think Mr. Fairlie

Frederick: Oh, who cares? Laura is young, of course she will outlive Sir Percival, him being ancient and all.

Vincent: This sounds suspicious.

Sir Percival’s Lawyer: So, what do you think? We get all the moneys when if Laura dies?

Vincent: Give me a few more days.

Sir Percival’s Lawyer: Ok, TTYL!


Vincent: Hark, is that Hartright? He looks so haggard and old.

Hartright: Is Laura married to Sir Percival?

Vincent: That’s none of your business! You look sickly, what’s up?

Hartright: I cannot marry a pretty lady who is vapid and boring so I have gotten ill. I mean, I am sickly, but I need a change of scenery.

Vincent: Oh, Ok. Well, farewell.


Vincent: Frederick! You cannot let Laura’s money go to that man on her death.

Frederick: But that man is so much older, it’s not like he has an evil plot to kill my niece or anything like that. Why do you bother me with such silly things? Can’t we all just sit silently?

Vincent: But what if he does!?

Frederick: Pish posh. I am feeble, please don’t excite me.

Vincent: Fine. I will write the contract, but this is a very bad idea and we spent a lot of pages going over the finer details of why this is a bad idea. Now my narrative is done!

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