Freedom Whispers on the Wind

I’m on vacation!!! So, while I’m away, I’m going to be posting some things that I wrote in the past. Below is a post that I wrote on my writing blog. I’ve re-worked it just a little for this post.  

She stood at the edge, wings tucked in, looking skyward. The feel of the air through her feathers and the sweet caress of the gentle wind under her wings stirred a distant memory, calling to her, pulling her to the edge, whispering for her to take the leap that would send her soaring.

She stood at the edge, frozen. She still remembered the last time the wind called her. She flew to answer it’s called but crashed into an invisible barrier and found herself falling onto the hard floor, her back grazing against the fine grain. Defeated she lay there until her master gently lifted her up and placed her back in her cage, securing the latch.

He cared for her, fixed her wing and nursed her back to life. Yet, it was her master who captured her and caged her. It was her master who laid the initial trap that shackled her and broke her spirit, leaving behind a small bird in a beautiful cage, singing a song for freedom.

As she stood on the edge the soft call of freedom surged through her, “If I try again, I’ll just fail. The pain was unbearable, but it’s not so bad in here, at least I am fed and cared for.”

She turned her back on outside world, hopping over to her water bowl. “It’s not so bad in here.”

The tightness she felt in her chest loosen and she took a deep breath, he smell of the cool evening air filled her tiny lungs. Memories of another time rushed through her, the call was louder this time. “There must be a way, you can find a way.” they seem to whisper, “Come to me and I will sweep you away!”

Unable to deny it any longer she turned towards the opened cage door. The master thought that fear would be enough to hold her, but the wild undulating song of freedom sweep out from deep within; lost but not forgotten. The wind was calling and the distant memory was answering. With a hop and a leap she spread her wings and flew.

Following the whispers of the wind she found a way of escape – an open window behind her dependable prison. Doubts buffeted her as she approached, “Is it really opened? Will I really make it through?” But her wings kept flapping, the call of the inner overwhelming and with a loud trill she pushed onward, through the open window and into the vast expanse of freedom.

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