My Suspension of Belief

If you could do anything, have anything, go anywhere, what would you do?

I’d live in a cottage, perhaps near the sea, in an area that’s safe for walking but close enough to a city to experience some diversity.

I’d have a hidden library in the basement, with a secret door to enter, just like Holly Black.

The library will lead out to a secret garden, all of the greenery on the ground would be attended by fairies as they know how to tend to green things best. The best prize of the garden would be my money tree. I’d never need money because the tree would bare golden fruit.

I’d own a collection of Fluevog shoes along with a number of Radley bags, but not too many, as I don’t plan on going out often.

Once a year I’d throw a masquerade ball that will have a theme, the favourite being Alice in Wonderland. There will be music, and good food, and lots of fun and dancing. We’ll dance social dancing, like the Quadrille because dancing should not be awkward but fun.

When I have visitors, we will have tea together. We’ll have conversations on the porch or in the breakfast room. The  porch will have a swing and somewhere in the secret garden there will be a hammock or two.

I’ll have a bicycle with a wicker basket in the front, which I’ll use for shopping. If I need a car I’ll have a Ford Fiesta.

My cottage would be on a tropical island, and we wouldn’t have to worry about natural disasters because of my psychic abilities to wield the elements. I could go on and on, after all, whatever I imagine becomes possible. However, it’s time to get back to reality. At least I’ll be having tea on Saturday, and I’ll be sure to take my Radley bag.

image credits:
cottage: cottage neighborhood
library: thesteampunkhome

shoe: Fluevog
masquerade: Polyvore

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