Strolling around the neighbourhood

The train sped away as I stood there taking this picture and wondering what to do next. Should I go to the library? Stroll along the little park near the train station to see whether the brook is babbling or sleeping? Just go home?

Finally a stroll around the surrounding areas won, so with my bag left in the car I took my phone started walking to the downtown area. There isn’t much of a downtown, it’s just a street really, but it smelt of lovely cakes and pastries.

I walked away from the business section of town and into what seemed like church alleyway. First stop was the Unit Church of Christianity. This little building isn’t the church, that’s the building next to it. I suppose it’s an office of some sort, but whatever it was it was cute and reminded me of a cottage.

Just across the street, on the corner was this building. I don’t think it was a church, it seemed an extension of the Christian Academy a few blocks away. I liked the peeling wooden steeple on the brick building.

Just around the corner you have the Roman Catholic church (there are at least two others less than a mile from this one). At this point it was getting cold so I made my way back to the car.

I happened upon this gem in the window of a store. For some reason there seem to be a lot of things wrong with this picture. Definitely not something I’ll be placing on my front lawn, though, truth be told, you won’t find anything on my front lawn, I don’t believe in decorating for Christmas. Call it lazy, I call it smart. =)

2 thoughts on “Strolling around the neighbourhood

    • It’s definitely different, but seeing as “Santa Claus” is not real, it looks odd to me. THOUGH, I do get what they are trying to say but on the other hand, lawn decorations are not the meaning of Christmas either.

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