Amazon is my favourite!

[This week it’s all about my fave Android Apps]

Anyone who knows me and have seen my room knows that I love books. I LOVE BOOKS! One of my past times is to browse bookstores for interesting reads. I developed a system where I’d read the summary and if I liked it, take a picture of the cover so when I got home I’d remember the book and I could read the reviews online to see what others are saying about it. So when I got my Thunderbolt and downloaded the app, I fell in nerd-like. There’s a program within it called Amazon Remembers. It’s such a great program and does, on the spot, exactly what I was doing!

You could either take a photo of the cover of the book, or zoom in on the barcode of the book (it recognizes the barcode and decodes it).

Once you snap a photo to your liking, click on the “Use Photo” button, and ….

Instantly (or a few minutes, depending on the quality of the picture I suppose), you get the result. If you are waiting on a result it alerts you when it arrives. You can then choose to purchase, read reviews or add to your wish list.

I can’t wait to go to the bookstore and try this on as many books as I can!


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