Blogging on the go

[This week it’s all about my fave Android Apps]

Have you figured it out yet? I blog a lot. I’m not a fan of blogging on the go, but I do like to check in on my blogs from time to time. So when I saw some apps for WordPress and Tumblr I jumped at the chance to download it!


WordPress allows you some simple features. You can see who has commented

Check your posts, or write them if you so desire (I prefer online).

You can also view stats from your blog, which is great! The stats always interest me.

With Tumblr you can see your dashboard and do simple things like reblogging and liking (to any of your Tumblr Blogs – I have two).

You can also post just about anything to the blog that you could post on a computer. It’s very barebones, very simple, but since it’s Tumblr and it’s very easy to do things to begin with, I can see a lot of liking and reblogging happening on the go – and on 4G.


Amazon is my favourite!

[This week it’s all about my fave Android Apps]

Anyone who knows me and have seen my room knows that I love books. I LOVE BOOKS! One of my past times is to browse bookstores for interesting reads. I developed a system where I’d read the summary and if I liked it, take a picture of the cover so when I got home I’d remember the book and I could read the reviews online to see what others are saying about it. So when I got my Thunderbolt and downloaded the app, I fell in nerd-like. There’s a program within it called Amazon Remembers. It’s such a great program and does, on the spot, exactly what I was doing!

You could either take a photo of the cover of the book, or zoom in on the barcode of the book (it recognizes the barcode and decodes it).

Once you snap a photo to your liking, click on the “Use Photo” button, and ….

Instantly (or a few minutes, depending on the quality of the picture I suppose), you get the result. If you are waiting on a result it alerts you when it arrives. You can then choose to purchase, read reviews or add to your wish list.

I can’t wait to go to the bookstore and try this on as many books as I can!