The Happiest/Saddest person in America

I know the article title says “on earth” but I doubt that they have data to cover the earth, however, there were two interesting articles last week – what the happiest person would look like and what the most miserable person would look like.

I found a few things interesting:

  1. Males were happier than females
  2. Tall folks were happier than shorter
  3. Youth was not mentioned as a factor for happiness/sadness
  4. Marriage brings happiness, but divorce sadness.
  5. Children bring happiness not sadness.

Further interesting thought was they found a person who fits the bill of happiest person, and yes, he is happy.

He said that perhaps he manages to be the happiest man in America because “my life philosophy is, if you can’t laugh at yourself, life is going to be pretty terrible for you.”

Of course, there are exceptions to these, I’m female with no children and I’m quite content. However, I think there is some salt to the validity of this research. Thoughts?

Image: worradmu /

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