A Goodbye Note to Fair-Weather Friends

I am sure they exist in your life too; the people who seem to be there but only when they are in need. The ones who are too busy to talk to you, who never ask about your life, who give vague answers as you question after theirs. But that blinking window on your screen flashes whenever they are in need. And you answer. You give. You hope. Then they are gone, in a quick thanks and a flurry of shoes.

When is it enough? What clues you in to their game? Is it the nagging feeling that you’re being used? That feeling of frustration when you try to speak and find their fleeing backs? Is it the disgust that you feel towards yourself when you realize that they just give you crumbs and a pat on your head like a special pet that they keep around for rainy days? How about the maybes, because you aren’t important enough to be an absolutely?

Or, do you realize when they runaway when you are at your lowest, not bothering to be certain that you are fine. Not asking, not caring? Do you realize then that they never think after your well being? That you are as far from their thoughts as east from west?

What do you do? Do you speak to them? Well, they didn’t care thus far, would they care if you talk to them? Perhaps in this case it’s better to just walk away. So, goodbye fair-weather friend, I wish you well …

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