Things to do in 2012 …

I haven’t made a list of resolutions, I never really keep them. However, in talking to several friends who have all made resolutions and one who inspired me by writing down an actual list of them, I’ve decided to think about the things I would like to accomplish in 2012, and making my own list.

So, a few days too late, here is a comprehensive list of things I hope to accomplish.

Learning another language:
+ Enough to read a French storybook
+ Enough to learn a French song

Lose some weight!
+ running, or some sort of exercise (2 to 3 times a week)
+ walk more
+ drink less espresso drinks
+ eat more veggies and fruits

Memorize more (poems or psalm):
+ I have several poetry books that I’ve never finished, read at least one poem a week
+ learn one sonnet a month (or a psalm)

Read 70 books this year:
+ read more non-fantasy fiction
+ read 6 (or 12) non-fiction theology books
+ read 6 non-fiction marketing books

Blog more!
+ On my personal blog
+ On my book blog
+ On my writing blog … that is currently hidden.

Journal more
+ In cursive

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