2012 Check-In and Adjustment

I figured, if I want to keep up with my list of things to do in 2012, I need to check in and adjust my expectations accordingly. So, one month from my list, I’m checking in and adjusting.

Learning another language:
+ Enough to read a French storybook
+ Enough to learn a French song

I’ve bought Le Petite Prince, it’s all French and it’s a children’s book so it will hopefully have simpler grammar and words than if I bought, The Elegance of the Hedgehog for example. I also have three French songs that I love to listen to from time to time. I’ve also been using the Living Language French App, which has been super useful!

Lose some weight!
+ running, or some sort of exercise (2 to 3 times a week)
+ walk more
+ drink less espresso drinks
+ eat more veggies and fruits

Surprisingly, I’m keeping up with all of this! I definitely walk more, I have been drinking less Starbucks drinks and more teas and have been eating more fruits than I usually do. I hope this keeps up. *cross fingers*

Memorize more (poems or psalm):
+ I have several poetry books that I’ve never finished, read at least one poem a week
+ learn one sonnet a month (or a psalm)

Ok, I haven’t had time for this, so I am changing it to learning 6 poems/psalms by heart by the end of the year. It’s hard memorizing things, especially when you have a bad memory like I do!

Read 70 books this year:
+ read more non-fantasy fiction
+ read 6 (or 12) non-fiction theology books
+ read 6 non-fiction marketing books

I read Generous Justice in January, I’m reading Let Justice Roll Down right now. I think I’m going to cut my non-fiction marketing books down to 3. To date I’ve read 15 books, 3 are kiddies books, so I’ll just say I’ve read 12 books.

Blog more!
+ On my personal blog

+ On my book blog
+ On my writing blog … that is currently hidden.

I have been blogging more! I’m not blogging on my writing blog though … Need to get that done.

Journal more
+ In cursive

I did this once. Definitely need to catch up 🙂

Railroad to the Island of Long

In the belly of the beast I sit,
It’s quiet purr resonating;

On tracks of steel it glides,
Seats reverberating with the low hum
Of it’s metal heart;

A rapid, rhythmic beat resounds
As it rushes to it’s destination.
Metal on metal, it slides to a screeching halt;

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, in a far away land lived an Evil Queen who wanted revenge on Snow White for ruining her life. So, as evil queens do, she cast a powerful spell that trapped all the fairy tale characters in a small town in present time and made them forget who they were. Thus begins the new ABC series Once Upon A Time.

If you follow my book blog you will know that I am a fan of fantasy and fairytales, so when Once was slotted to premier in the fall, I knew I had to see what it was all about. (I know Grimm also started at this time, but this is a post about Once… Grimm is for another day).

One of the things I like about Once is that it could read like a book, and it would be an intriguing story. There is a lot of mystery with enough answers to keep you satisfied. A good amount of action, strong characters and of course, a dash of romance. Sometimes the story is so good that I am almost afraid to view the next episode because I’m expecting it to be disappointing.

I am pleased with the way the story flashes back and forth between storybook land and Storybrooke, it’s pretty seamless and always seem to tie to each other, revealing a little bit more about each character as their story arc progresses. I was a bit concerned about crazy, unrelated flashbacks, but so far it’s been good.

What I really hope for this series is that there will be a definite conclusion. I’m a fan of short series, something that has a strong plot and carries it through to the end. It gets a bit frustrating when the writers just write shows by the seat of their pants and then the series has to come to an end and there’s a slap dash finale that leaves you with more questions and a feeling like you wasted a lot of viewing hours and got no closure. Then you find yourself making up excuses for them and singing their brilliance because you don’t want to admit that you just spent months of your life watching something that really had no direction… but I digress.

I’m not really sure why I’m rambling about Once … I don’t have a conclusion … so I’m just going to leave it off here. Oh, look an awesome candy house from the Hansel and Gretel episode!

The Price of Apples

It costed me a dollar, when I bought two.

I was in a hurry, and saw them there,
Red and round, kissed by the morning-time dew.
Making my purchase I thread down the stairs
To the sound of your voice as you declared
“Some coffee or tea or food for me please”.
All rushing by, no one yourself engaged.

At the bottom of the stairs I stood still
A frown, looking down, then turning around
“How about an apple?” our eyes connect
“Oh, yes, that is fine” then onward I went.
To me just a dollar, what about you?

Let’s Pretend: A Deserted Island

A few days ago I finished a modern – and very satirical – book, called Beauty Queens. This story has a plane of pageant contestants crash landing on an island and what happens to them afterwards. What I like about Beauty Queens (not taking into consideration its satire) is that the pageant contestants turned wild as well – thought not to the degree found in Lord of the Flies. They worked together to survive, but, away from the eyes of society they became the women they wanted to be as opposed to what society expected from them – smiling, mindless beauties.

I tried to imagine what it would be like, to be alone on an island in the middle of nowhere. Of course there are a few differences here, I wouldn’t be stranded, and I’d have the ability to go home whenever I felt like it. So what would I do, left on my own? Well, I’d probably do a lot of reading. I’d lie on the sand and read book after book; I’d daydream. When my eyes get tired I’d step into the water, I’d stand still until fishes think I’m a part of their world. I’d watch the sunset. I’d sing at the top of my lungs. I’d turn cartwheels on the beach and make angels in the sand.

I’d dig a hole, and then fill it up back again, because I can and no one would be around to question the uselessness of the task I just performed. I’d light a fire. I’d watch the flames eat up the kindling, sending smoke dancing into the clouds. I’d dance with it.

I’d be as boring as I want to be, with no one to entertain. I’d be silent in my thoughts. When I tire of silence, I’d talk to the trees, and no one will question my sanity as I satisfy my imagination.

I wouldn’t have to answer questions about my relationship status. I wouldn’t have to make up smart comments when overly curious acquaintances ask me about the “new guy” they saw me joking around with, as though one cannot laugh with a person of the opposite gender without being otherwise interested.

I wouldn’t have to explain why I suddenly burst out in song, or apologize for singing Defying Gravity at the top of my lungs. I wouldn’t have to explain that sometimes I just feel the need to skip or pirouette.

I’ve gone off on a tangent. But the thought of going away and being alone is sometimes very appealing, if just for a day, if just to be boring and slightly ridiculous – if just to be me.