A Quick Ramen Fix

I like ramen. Even though it’s not something that I can make quickly and easily, I try to make the packet ones if I need a fix. The thing is, those never come close to the “real stuff”. However, I happened upon these three old polaroid photos, in an ancient looking (and smelling) cookbook, that spell out how to make a pretty nice tasting ramen that’s also super cheap. Aren’t you lucky? I’m sharing them with you!

Ok, I didn’t really find polaroids in an old book, I was just playing around with the FxCamera filters on my phone. I admit, it’s fun taking photos this way, I might be over doing it soon enough.

Back to the topic at hand though, adding an egg – and making sure you break it up before it coagulates – really adds another dimension to plain package ramen, and I’m a little hooked on it! Especially since I can’t get the REAL deal.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Ramen Fix

  1. I add an egg, however, I try to keep it together so that the yolk remains intact. Boil for 3minutes and it’s enough for the outside to harden by the yolk to stay wet. I love it. I’ll have to try your “broken egg” idea sometime.

    Also, I add other ingredients, such as:
    *fresh spinach/collard greens
    *dumplings or wontons
    *if I lack everything else, I add frozen vegetables, because I always have a bag of those.

    • I’ll have to try it with other ingredients. I mainly make it for the noodles. I do like the idea of fish/shrimp balls. Next time.

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