The Kindle App: Great for Quick Reads

[This week it’s all about my fave Android Apps]

If I’m going to be reading on the go and I don’t want to pull out my Kindle (or a book), a great way to read is the Kindle App on my phone. I love that Kindle allows you to read the books you purchase on different devices. I have it on my iPod, on my Mac and now on my Thunderbolt. I can sync across the apps, so I’m never looking for my place.

I usually download the books I want to read from the archives (this is at no cost since it’s already purchased), and when I’m done I remove them from the device.

Since I’m reading it on the device, I usually like to read on the smallest print (more words on the screen) and in Sepia (I think it’s easier on the eyes). I try to keep the brightness down to the lowest I can – without straining to see – so that my eyes don’t hurt

Another great feature is the ability to see, edit and add notes! I’m always taking notes on my Kindle so I’m happy to see that this feature is available on the Android version.

One of the things missing on the Android that I’ve seen on the iPod version is Popular Highlights. I’m sure this will be added in the future and since I don’t use it often I don’t miss it but, it usually is fun to see what other people find highlight worthy.

I’m happy that Amazon has decided to open the Kindle across different platforms for their users to read books on the go. I really love my Kindle but I’m still not able to take it everywhere I go, so when I can’t, it’s good to know that I can still read books on my phone.

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