Dear Dunkin’ Donuts

Dear Dunkin' - Goodbye.

Dear Dunkin’ Donuts,

I’ll admit, I am a Starbucks girl. However, there is a drink that you carry that I love, it’s called the Dunkaccino and it’s the perfect blend of chocolatey goodness. Your Dunkaccino is a bit of a treat to me, so today, as I was on my way to get my car cleaned, I decided to go to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts and get myself a nice, large, pipping hot Dunkaccino.

As I waited to get to the front of the line my thoughts turned to my tasks for the day, I’d get my hot Dunkaccino, fill up my almost empty gas tank and take my car to get washed. Sipping the hot beverage to keep warm as I wait. It’s very cold today, rather windy.

I stood at the front of the line and placed my order, “A large Dunkaccino please” as I handed a twenty to the cashier. Then, disaster!

“We don’t have change for that.”

I looked at the cashier, looked at the bill in my hand wondering, did a magically hundred dollar bill appear in my hand? Surely I took out a twenty, after all I only had two twenties in my wallet. No, it’s still a twenty dollar bill.

“Are you serious?” I ask him.

“Yes, we don’t have change for that.”

“I don’t have any change! I only have a twenty!”

I rifled through my purse trying to find anything to make up the $2.27 charge. “I don’t have any change!” I said, hopelessly.

“Do you have change for a twenty there?” the cashier asks the man standing next to me in line.

I look at the customer, he looks at me, he smirks, checks his wallet and pulls out four fives.

“Do you have change for a this?” another cashier asks, pulling out a ten dollar bill.

We exchanged another look, he smiled, shrugged, then said, “No.” to me he said, “I’ve never seen this before.”

“It’s the Customer’s Bank for Dunkin’ Donuts!” I replied. Thankfully they finally had change and I could now get my Dunkaccino.

Five minutes ticked pass until the cashier called to me from the machine, “We don’t have any Dunkaccino.”

“Are you kidding me?!” I was shocked, my eyes widen in amazement, is this real life?

“No, I’m not joking.” He replied.

So you see Dunkin’ Donut, I left without my Dunkaccino and went to Starbucks, where they were able to provide me with change and a hot chocolate. I’m sorry it didn’t work out between us today, maybe another time.


Hello Watson!

IBM succeeded in building a computer that was able to beat two top Jeopardy players, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

I saw this comic from Abstruse Goose in my RSS reader and smiled.

I think that many humans, at one point or the other, wonder about the advances in technology and if one day technology will take over the world. I know I’ve often marveled at how far we’ve come, from the 90s where the internet was just beginning to pick up pace, to 2011 where a computer wins Jeopardy.

However, the thing that marvels me the most is that these contraptions exist, not on their own, but from the thoughts, tinkering and hard work of people just like you and me. Once my mind heads down that road, I take a second, say a prayer of praise, smile and get on with my day.

The human mind is an amazing thing with great potential to create.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I’ve recently started watching Jimmy Fallon on Hulu (because I’m in bed by the time he’s on TV. Yeah, that’s how I roll). I like watching him because he’s so dorky, but in a funny and endearing way. I especially love his Thank You Notes segment and his crazy games. So when I got the opportunity to go to a taping of his show I jumped on the opportunity quicker than fleas on a dog (or, nicer analogy, it’s late, I don’t want to be creative).

We got to 30 Rock around 2:30pm to get in line for our tickets, once we had those in hand we waited around until 4:15pm where we were then allowed to line up to be taken in. Around 5pm we were in the studio and ready to see Jimmy. He had a great show with some lovely audience shots during the game – we threw balls at guys with cones on their heads.

Jimmy was just as wonderful in person as he is on the telly, I would definitely try to go again (and sit on the aisle again, but this time closer to the back. And armed with a magazine and a pen for him to sign – and that’s your tip of the day).


what I got after the show

Meeting The Pioneer Woman

Ree Introduced

I’ve recently started reading Ree Drummond’s blog → The Pioneer Woman. I have crossed it a few times in thepast, one post was about her daughter and their love for each other, which I found endearing, and a few of her recipes. However, I didn’t get pulled in by her charm until I decided to make Chocolate Truffles for Christmas. After a successful run with the Truffles, I decided to check out some more recipes, which lead to me checking out her confessions section, which lead to me reading about her lodge renovations which ultimately lead to Pioneer Woman joining my RSS feed.

Ree speaks

After Christmas she mentioned the release of her book, From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I saw that herbook was being released Feb 1st and that Barnes and Noble in Union Square was hosting her for a book signing, so I just had to go!

Ree and I

Ree was very pleasant, witty and even though she seemed somewhat nervous she still manage to answer a few of our questions with the same charm that you canfind on her blog. You can read the first two parts of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels on her website, I’ve read it and it’s a great story of how she met and married her husband.

Definitely looking forward to reading this book! I’m happy I got to go to the signing.