Meeting The Pioneer Woman

Ree Introduced

I’ve recently started reading Ree Drummond’s blog → The Pioneer Woman. I have crossed it a few times in thepast, one post was about her daughter and their love for each other, which I found endearing, and a few of her recipes. However, I didn’t get pulled in by her charm until I decided to make Chocolate Truffles for Christmas. After a successful run with the Truffles, I decided to check out some more recipes, which lead to me checking out her confessions section, which lead to me reading about her lodge renovations which ultimately lead to Pioneer Woman joining my RSS feed.

Ree speaks

After Christmas she mentioned the release of her book, From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I saw that herbook was being released Feb 1st and that Barnes and Noble in Union Square was hosting her for a book signing, so I just had to go!

Ree and I

Ree was very pleasant, witty and even though she seemed somewhat nervous she still manage to answer a few of our questions with the same charm that you canfind on her blog. You can read the first two parts of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels on her website, I’ve read it and it’s a great story of how she met and married her husband.

Definitely looking forward to reading this book! I’m happy I got to go to the signing.

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