Hello Watson!

IBM succeeded in building a computer that was able to beat two top Jeopardy players, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

I saw this comic from Abstruse Goose in my RSS reader and smiled.

I think that many humans, at one point or the other, wonder about the advances in technology and if one day technology will take over the world. I know I’ve often marveled at how far we’ve come, from the 90s where the internet was just beginning to pick up pace, to 2011 where a computer wins Jeopardy.

However, the thing that marvels me the most is that these contraptions exist, not on their own, but from the thoughts, tinkering and hard work of people just like you and me. Once my mind heads down that road, I take a second, say a prayer of praise, smile and get on with my day.

The human mind is an amazing thing with great potential to create.

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