… written by Maureen Johnson

I read a lot. And, I have a book blog – or, at least I had one until I couldn’t keep up with life and blogging about books a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to resurrect it, but I haven’t quite found the time, and, if I was being honest with myself, I want to blog about books AND more, so… I’m merging my sites. I’ll leave my book blog up, but I thought I’d highlight some books that I really enjoyed reading to start the transition to everything in this blog.

I’ve read several books by Maureen Johnson. I like her humour and her Twitter feed.

Of the books I’ve read by her, The Name of the Star is my favourite.  Take a girl from the United States, place her in an English boarding school, add some murder and mystery with a touch of Jack the Ripper and you’ve got The Name of the Star.

On the more contemporary front, 13 Little Blue Envelopes and The Last Little Blue Envelope, transports the reader to different cities across Europe, where a girl finds out about her aunt and herself. After reading the first book, I created a map of Ginny’s adventures, yes, that’s my creation, though, why Google Maps is telling me that I do not own the map any longer is really lost to me!

Another of her contemporaries is Suite Scarlett. This one is set in a hotel in New York – one owned and ran by Scarlett’s family.

Finally, there was a time when Zombies v. Unicorns was a thing in the not so distant past. Here’s a clip of Maureen Johnson, as Sarah Palin, talking about why Zombies are better.

On Zombies and Unicorns

I’m quite amazed that a lot of search terms that come to my blog contains the words “zombie” and “unicorn”. So, dear searcher, I will do you a favour and help you out with your zombie/unicorn search.

That Starbucks/Barnes and Noble zombie plush that you want? Boom! I found these at a Starbucks inside of a Barnes and Noble.

For that Zombie Identification (Chart), you can thank Think Geek for this lovely little number. If I must have a zombie after me, I’d much prefer the crawler, for all I know, I might want to dance with the Thriller – and that’s how the Thriller gets you … entice you with dance.

If you are looking for Zombie vs. Unicorn, then you’re in look! As a bookish person I know just what you are looking for – Justine Larbalestier and Holly Black’s anthology of the same name. Josh Cochran did the cover for this fun book.

And finally, the person who wanted pictures of “pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows”, well, I think what you really wanted is this video: