These are the times ….

My feelings about Bin Laden … these guys said it best …

Lost of human life is never something to celebrate. When is it revenge and when is it justice? Aren’t all allowed Grace?

That being said, he did evil. I’d go as far as to say he was evil. The judging side of me says that he got what he deserved. The lives of many men, women and children – innocents – were murdered because of him and his plans. So, with all my allowance for humanity there is also relief, that after 10 years, justice is served. Otherwise, I have no personal feelings on the matter.

In other news, I am quite fascinated with the online coverage and the story of the man who tweeted the raid without even realizing it was the raid. Yes, it was Twitter that first broke it for me.

And, in other, other news …. isn’t it an interesting time to be living on the earth? In one weekend we have a royal wedding and the modernization of the royal family – a legacy that has been alive for years – as well as the capture and death of America’s most wanted – after 10 years of searching. Both of which were broadcasted, within SECONDS, online.

Time spent online

I’m online a lot. Sometimes I wonder, where do I spend my time online? Luckily, Chrome allows you to see your most visited sites and so I present, Shanella’s Most Visited Sites.

Not surprisingly, Google is the most visited site. I check Google for everything! If I need to figure out a word’s spelling – Google. If I need to look up a definition – Google. If I want to do a search – Google. Want to check the news – Google. Want to look up the weather – Google. Want to find a picture – Google. Looking up a movie – Google. Want to access all other Google sites – Google. It’s just the launchpad for everything else.

Facebook is the next used. I’m usually logged into Facebook on Chrome, however, the interesting thing about this is, while Facebook might be second used, I hardly go to the page for personal things! Sure, when I get an alert on TweetDeck I rather view the post on Facbeook, however, 80% of the time spent on Facebook is work related!

Next after that is WordPress, and this is probably because of BEDA. It might also have to do with the fact that I just got and went through a lot of late night and weekend testing this past weekend.

After that I have Gmail*. Now with Google’s switching account implemented, I have three Gmail accounts that I check throughout the day.

Following closely behind – and a surprise site – is Yahoo Mail. I didn’t realise that I checked Yahoo almost as much as I check Gmail, mostly because I get a lot of junk email to that address. Perhaps it’s because of that and my constant clearing out of that account that I check it as often as it says.

I’m not too surprised at this next site. When I first got a tumblr I was on it 24-7! Now I’ve calmed down a bit, but I still do have two sites on Tumblr so it’s not surprising that it’s in the top 8 most visited.

Next up is Twitter. This is probably because I have two twitter accounts, one that is personal and one for the book tumblog so while the personal account is logged into all the Twitter apps, the book blogging twitter is logged on via the Twitter webpage. I wonder how many people actually go to the twitter page versus just using a Twitter app.

Finally, I visit Goodreads a lot. Which I understand. I love reading the reviews/comments/status updated on Goodreads. I also love updating the books that I’m currently reading. Love it! =D

* Gmail took up two entries because of the address and I’m sure if those were all counted together it would be right behind

WordUs2 on iPod Touch

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I think the twitterverse is spending too much time following Charlie Sheen’s antics and not enough time on the important matters. However, when Grammar Girl had a twitter contest on Grammar Day incorporating Charlie Sheen, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to win the WordUs2 iPhone game.

With a little bit of help from the good Doctor Seuss, I managed to win!

Green Eggs and Ham anyone?

The point of all of this is, I won, then I downloaded the game, then I played it, thought it was silly. Then gave it a second chance and now I’m hooked. I LOVE IT!

I managed to grab some screenshots of the game from my iPod, so I’ll try my best to explain the rules.

You’re given words (in this case a 5 letter word that begins with C) and you have to try to guess the word. I’m playing the Calm and Collected mode so you have unlimited attempts to guess the word.

Once you make your word and hit Enter, it lets you know whether your word is the correct word or has letters that are in the correct word.

If the tile is Orange, it means the letter is in the correct place. If the tile is Blue it means the letter does not belong to the word.

If the tile is yellow, it means that the letter is in the word, but not in the correct place.

Once you guess the word, all squares will be orange and it takes you on to the next word.

It’s addictive.

It’s fun for everyone.

It’s helpful, especially for people who like to play Words with Friends (or Scrabble).