British Shows that I Adore

The British have introduced us to some great television – The Office anyone? I’m a fan of many of their shows that I’ve managed to see on Netflix (thank you Netflix streaming!). Here’s just a few gems:

Doctor Who
I dedicated an entire post about my top ten favourites, and it’s hard to believe that  when I started the first series I kept thinking I wouldn’t last the entire thing. But, a few things happened and well, by the time David Tennant became the Doctor I was hooked!

Doctor Who follows a time traveling alien (The Doctor) who travels back and forth through time – usually with a human companion – and often finds himself saving some planet or helping someone in distress. It’s a very smart show, and I love the continuity through-out. The writers do a wonderful job on all the episodes. I particularly like the ones set in the past, where the doctor assists historical figures; and the way the episodes always seem to fit with history. It’s smartly written with just enough corniness to not be taken seriously, this makes the show endearing.

I suppose you can call this a spin-off from Doctor Who. Captain Jack Harkness is featured numerous times in the series. Torchwood is a secret organization; a group of human who deal with aliens on earth. I guess it’s a bit X-files like in that sense, and it’s definitely more serious than Doctor Who, but there is still that corniness to it that makes it endearing. I haven’t caught up with the current series, but I hope to do that sometime this year.

A recent love, great writers, actors, story … all around lovely. Sherlock puts the world’s greatest detective into a modern day setting. There is really nothing I can say but, excellent, excellent retelling. The actors have great chemistry on screen, the writers did a great job translating a well loved story to modern times.

The IT Crowd
This comedy is about two IT guys, their relationship manager and the shenanigans that they get themselves into. I’ve finished the episodes on Netflix, but every now and then I watch it for a good laugh. It’s a bit of dry humour, not entirely geeky or nerdy so anyone can get it (I think). However, I can see its appeal to the side of me that worked at a computer lab in college… Oh the stories.

Monday Monday
The only drama that I watched (I just can’t get into Downton Abbey), it’s finished I believe, but it was good while it lasted. A bit of a laugh, a bit of office drama. I absolutely love the fact that it was short and to the point. I’m not really into the long, drawn out dramas, especially since I can only take so much, so this was the perfect one for me.

I love a newer version of Miss Marple. Geraldine McEwan does a great job as a Miss Marple, I really enjoy this entire series. Agatha Christie is a favourite of mine, so I’m glad that I finally found a version of it for TV that I enjoy so much. It appeals to my mystery-loving side. =)

Well … that’s all there is – for now! If you know of any shows similar to these, definitely let me know, I’m always looking for good, new shows.