One month later …

Last month I got my very first subscription box! It was a box of handpicked, homemade, delights and as a person who likes supporting artists and their works I thought that I might enjoy the monthly goodies.

Now it’s one month after my first box, one month to use the products and form my opinions and I have to say, surprisingly, I still love pretty much everything!

20141016_211120I’m still using my Voodoo Colour Balm from Black Widow Balm. I did notice that, since the weather got colder, it’s a little harder – most likely due to the ingredients in the lip balm, but a few rubs and it’s back to a nice consistency. I love the colour and I love that it seems to stay on – something other colour lip balms haven’t been doing for me. I have really dry skin and when the weather turns it gets worse, however, I have found that if I am consistent with using this balm that it soothes the cracks.

Surprisingly I’m still using the Lip Balm Holder from Gabriel’s Good Tidings. This isn’t something I’d purchase for myself – I still don’t feel like I would if I ever lost it or had to replace it, but time will tell. However, having received it in the box along with lip balm I find that I’m using it more that I would have thought. Often it’s easy to clip onto my bag strap for easy access and because mine is so bright if I leave it in my bag it’s easy to spot it between the other things I carry around all day. I can see this and the lip balm making really cute stocking stuffers this year.

One thing that I wasn’t sure I’d use but I am absolutely loving is, Not A Dirty Hippie’s Chamomile and Lemongrass Shampoo Bar. First of all, the smell of this bar makes me think of carefree summer days and beautiful blue skies. It’s super easy to use and leaves my hair feeling clean. I use an apple cider vinegar rinse afterwards and I absolutely love the way it makes my curls look. I’m glad I used this, I will be frequenting this store a lot in the future.

Finally, Plain J Body and Home’s Soy Candle, I rarely use candles, but when I do I like them to leave the air with a lasting, but not overwhelming, scent. I used this for the first time a few days ago and I love it! Definitely a great gift for any candle loving friend of yours.


A box a month …

I’ve been eyeing the subscription boxes for a while now and recently I took the plunge. This month I got my first box!



The Dottiebox came beautifully wrapped with handmade goodies from independent vendors that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

The first thing I opened was the Black Widow Tinted Balm, which is made with familiar ingredients whose names I can pronounce. I like that it’s a little on the dark side, it goes well with my lips.




The next thing to open was Gabriel’s Good Tiding’s Lip Balm Holder – the lip balm fit perfectly. I didn’t know I needed one until I opened this up. For me this makes perfect sense as I never find my lip balms and I have very dry skin and lips all year round. I can’t tell you how many lip gloss/balms I’ve bought only to find two stashed away at the bottom of my purse afterwards.



Also in the box were Not a Dirty Hippie’s solid shampoo bar. I didn’t open this up because I’m doing the no-poo thing, but reading the ingredients on the site I might use it. The reason I stopped using shampoo was because of the chemicals, and since all the ingredients in this bar looks familiar to me, I think it would be OK to use.

There was also an Apples and Maple Bourbon Soy candle from Plain J Body and Home which smells delicious.

It’s only one box but I really like it so far. I’m excited to see what they will send in November!