A box a month …

I’ve been eyeing the subscription boxes for a while now and recently I took the plunge. This month I got my first box!



The Dottiebox came beautifully wrapped with handmade goodies from independent vendors that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

The first thing I opened was the Black Widow Tinted Balm, which is made with familiar ingredients whose names I can pronounce. I like that it’s a little on the dark side, it goes well with my lips.




The next thing to open was Gabriel’s Good Tiding’s Lip Balm Holder – the lip balm fit perfectly. I didn’t know I needed one until I opened this up. For me this makes perfect sense as I never find my lip balms and I have very dry skin and lips all year round. I can’t tell you how many lip gloss/balms I’ve bought only to find two stashed away at the bottom of my purse afterwards.



Also in the box were Not a Dirty Hippie’s solid shampoo bar. I didn’t open this up because I’m doing the no-poo thing, but reading the ingredients on the site I might use it. The reason I stopped using shampoo was because of the chemicals, and since all the ingredients in this bar looks familiar to me, I think it would be OK to use.

There was also an Apples and Maple Bourbon Soy candle from Plain J Body and Home which smells delicious.

It’s only one box but I really like it so far. I’m excited to see what they will send in November!

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