Window Shopping on Think Geek

One of my favourite geeky stores is Think Geek. They carry a lot of cute things… this post highlights some of my favourites.

I have mono! I need bookworm and the common cold to complete my cute little microbes collection.

I have the Sonic Screwdriver pen (which has two inks! Just like the Doctor has two hearts). I’m also loving the journal and mini screwdriver pen and the Keep Clam products – especially the “Dont Blink” one. Weeping Angels episodes anyone?

They also have Harry Potter things, like this Tom Riddle diary with wand pen. I’ve also got my eyes on the Gryffindor long sleeve t-shirt (even though I got sorted into Ravenclaw).

They also have some very cool jewelry. Steampunk, vintage, some really fun stuff.

Think Geek is the place I love to geek out in. I’m sure if they had a physical store I’d probably be there just as much as I’d be in the bookstores. =)