Arizona, The Vacation

Several weeks ago I decided to visit Arizona. I have a friend, Michell, who moved there to teach and since the end of her school year corresponded with Memorial Day weekend, I decided to take advantage of the extra day off and have myself a mini vacation to Arizona.

I had two requirements for this trip. First, I needed to see the Grand Canyon. I didn’t have to do anything, I just wanted to see what the hullabaloo was all about with this gigantic hole in the ground. Next, I wanted to get a photo standing next to a cactus that was taller than me. You see, in New York, the tallest I’ve seen a cactus grow was well, not very tall.

My trip began at 8 on Friday night, when I flew out of JFK to Phoenix. Michell picked me up at the airport at and we had an authentic Arizonan dinner – In N’ Out Burger.

On Saturday we took a trip to Williams to visit our friend Jay, and to see the Grand Canyon. Williams is a small town, about an hour south of the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s WINDY. It’s chilly. It’s quaint and it has a strip if Route 66 running through it.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon on Saturday afternoon. It was breathtaking. Yes, it is a giant hole in the ground, but what a grand hole it is! I can’t explain the beauty, I think this is something one needs to see for themselves. I mean, it’s a lot of rock, but the vastness of it and the history of how it came to be is just mind boggling. Water is powerful.

I promptly found my favourite rock.

I mean, come on … it is cute. Right? Continue reading