Wedding Weekend Wonders

This past weekend I went upstate with some friends – the Catskills to be exact – to celebrate the wedding of Ben and Meghan. I’ve known Ben since I started making friends at New Life and Meghan, I met more or less through Ben, for the last two years, so I was very happy to be a celebrant in their union.

The wedding took place at Full Moon Resort, a place that seemed to specialize in weddings, so we spent the entire weekend there! We arrived close to 8pm due to traffic and got busy eating barbeque in the tent – I’m going to pause here and say, I’ve never had ribs that melted off the bone and into my mouth like I did that night, either I had the best ribs and pulled pork in my life, or I was really hungry; I’m leaning towards the former. After a delicious dinner we went to the event space across the road for some Open Mic night fun!

Open Mic is such a “Ben&Meghan” thing, Ben on his guitar and Meghan with her poetry, both very talented, both very good. Friends and family performed for the two, but the best part was probably the closing act – the guys with the ribbons stole the show. Afterwards, we had some s’mores around a bonfire and Meghan burnt a lot of to-dos and planning notes … all under the light of the moon.

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Paris, London, Prague

I was recently away on vacation, and today (a week after returning) I’ve finally processed and uploaded all of my photos. I took over a thousand photos, but I won’t post all of that online, who wants to go through a thousand photos!? So, I thought I’d post just a few to highlight the trip.

Mr. Asphodel de Canter is my Pygmy Puff companion. He travels with me everywhere – he’s almost one year old! The first thing we did when we landed in Paris was go to the hotel.

The view from our room was spectacular, one of our walls was practically an entire window, looking out onto the canal.  Continue reading

Coffee and a Book


I’m back in New York and it feels great! I loved my trip, but I love New York, it is my home and I love coming home. 🙂

I just thought I’d post a picture that I took in Paris. I was in a Starbucks getting “un grande caramel macchiato. Froid, s’il vous plait?” when I saw this sign… It basically says, “A coffee and a book. This library is here for you to read a good book while having good coffee. If you like the book, you can continue reading it at home. You can bring it back when you are finished, or bring another book in its place. Another reader might enjoy it as well.”

I’m in love! Where in NY can I find a Starbucks like this? 🙂

Adventures in Asia: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The adventure continues! From the parking lot, to Honolulu, to Guam, to Manila, now onwards to Malaysia.

Day 1; The Arrival

Eve and I touched down at the Malaysian Airport, whizzed through the customs and found the bus that would take us into the Kuala Lumpur where we were to meet with my friend, Addy.

Addy was thoughtful and super helpful to us! She did some research and found us a lovely hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, just outside the city center. She also met us at the bus terminal and bought us a SIM card, some rolls to eat and a single pass card for their metro. We took the train to KLCC to get to our hotel.

We went to the city center to get some Malaysian food. One of the things I noticed was that people were still staring at us – even though there were a lot of ethnicities in KL. I guess we just had the foreign look.  We ate at Little Penang Kafe, the food was absolutely delicious (a theme for this leg of the trip) and they had coconut water in a real coconut! I was in love.

We walked around the mall and visited an internet cafe, then we went to see the Petronas Towers with their lights off in honour of Earth Hour. It was a fun first night. Continue reading