Wedding Weekend Wonders

This past weekend I went upstate with some friends – the Catskills to be exact – to celebrate the wedding of Ben and Meghan. I’ve known Ben since I started making friends at New Life and Meghan, I met more or less through Ben, for the last two years, so I was very happy to be a celebrant in their union.

The wedding took place at Full Moon Resort, a place that seemed to specialize in weddings, so we spent the entire weekend there! We arrived close to 8pm due to traffic and got busy eating barbeque in the tent – I’m going to pause here and say, I’ve never had ribs that melted off the bone and into my mouth like I did that night, either I had the best ribs and pulled pork in my life, or I was really hungry; I’m leaning towards the former. After a delicious dinner we went to the event space across the road for some Open Mic night fun!

Open Mic is such a “Ben&Meghan” thing, Ben on his guitar and Meghan with her poetry, both very talented, both very good. Friends and family performed for the two, but the best part was probably the closing act – the guys with the ribbons stole the show. Afterwards, we had some s’mores around a bonfire and Meghan burnt a lot of to-dos and planning notes … all under the light of the moon.

The next morning, after breakfast, the “Amazing Grace Choir” practiced at the ceremony space for the processional. I haven’t sung in a choir since my high school days so it was a wonderful feeling, singing as a part of a group again. I spent the rest of the day doing “nothing much” which was the plan for me. I just wanted to sit, read, chat with friends and do nothing. It was very relaxing!

Around 3 pm the main event was on the way. We gathered at the site for the ceremony, we belted out Amazing Grace, we saw the beautiful bride and groom say their vows. The cocktail hour and reception followed, and then the after party! There was a lot of fun music, dancing music, and I’m pretty sure I was dancing non-stop. There is something freeing about dancing, even if it’s just hopping around, making up moves and waving your hands in the air like a crazy person (which is mostly what I do), especially when you are doing it with friends! I have recovered from the fun and the dance, but there is a small part of me that wishes I was there again, having a good time with my friends, because, that’s what weddings are, celebrating a union, having fun with friends/family and this past weekend was a wonderful celebration.

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