Weathering the Storm

Was it just a year ago that the threat of Irene caused thousands of New Yorkers to rush to supermarkets and fill up tubs? As Sandy makes her debut I look back in wonder that a year has past by and that we find ourselves in the same situation, buying canned goods, filling up the tub with water, charging up the electronic devices…

I hope that, like Irene, Sandy will just pass us by, but there is always that small anxiety that this one might be worse than the last, that the lessons gained from the past experience will not be applicable to this current one and that all ourΒ preparationsΒ were in vain. Sometimes it’s not destruction, but the expectation of destruction that causes anxiety. Does that mean that I shouldn’t prepare? That I should just give up? These are just things I wonder.

I think preparing for things ahead is important, but I think knowing that, even with preparation, things might not turn out great is also important. In any case, be safe, smart and find a good book to read. It’s time to weather the storm.

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