We Were Infinite*

A beach. A long stretch of sand bordered by a layer of large rocks. The sound of the waves gently touching the shore. The smell of salt. The feel of sand between my toes.

The air. The tension in the air is thick. A storm rages outside the metal box where 150 strangers sit. Lightening flashes between the stormy clouds, and the audible sound of breaths being held can be heard. Finally, we fly out of the storm; safe.

Water and colour. A first former approaches and asks, “Can I put powder on you?”. We race around the school yard, avoiding water and powder, but not nearly as concerned as we pretend to be. Then the after, we laugh together.

Whether it was a lazy moment, a funny moment, or the calm moment after an intense experience, there are times in life when we are so present in that moment, so aware of what is happening, not just seeing it unfold but being an active participant in its unfurling. In those moments, we were infinite.

* This post is inspired by The Perks of Being a Wall Flower. Not only is it a great book and (now) awesome movie, but it’s a wonderful story of the difficult life that we face, and the pockets of joy we experience. Each paragraph is a memory.

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